Standing out against the layers of noises a city like New York holds is no small feat: its blaring cars and screeching trains, its storied streets, blunt locals, and piercing sirens all meld together into a thick backdrop. The Muckers, a four piece as vibrantly fresh as resolutely timeless, are doing just that, and NME already calls them “one of New York’s most exciting new bands.”

    Their debut album, the aptly titled Endeavor, came on the heels of frontman Emir Mohseni’s journey – nothing short of an odyssey – as an immigrant taking refuge in New York City from his native Iran to have the right to perform rock music. “There are times in your life when you know the map to your destination but you need a force to drive you there,” Mohseni says of his move to the United States, profiled across acclaimed publications, from Rolling Stone to Billboard.

    ‘Endeavor’ received critical praises with Pitchfork noting its “nimble guitar work, swerving seamlessly between structure and embellishment,” Jack Saunders gushing on his BBC1 show: “It is a wild ride of loose hectic guitar playing, you won’t be able to get enough of it I promise,” and Rough Trade heralding the record as one of their Albums of the Year 2021, with a celebration at Rockefeller Center’s iconic Rainbow Room in NYC, alongside the band Dry Cleaning, that resounded all the way to the pages of The New York Times. The album was also nodded by their peers including Tame Impala’s Jay Watson & POND’s James Ireland who remixed their track “So Far Away,” turning the signature guitar-heavy sound of The Muckers into a velour-smooth slice of electronic heaven.

    In the face of adversity, The Muckers have never let up their ambition, cutting through the noise with what Rolling Stone praised as “a call to fans to kick the dust off of their souls and boogie.”

    ENDEAVOR (Greenway Records, 2021)

    1. I Can’t Go Without You
    2. Suspended
    3. Roll The Dice
    4. Golden Summer
    5. Thunderstorm
    6. Repetition
    7. So Far Away
    8. That’s All I Want
    9. Will You Make It
    10. To The Core of The Sun

    All songs written and performed by The Muckers. Recorded at Outhouse Records and Kizmit Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Mixed by Mark Bengston. Mastered by Nick Townsend. Artwork by Jaime Zu. Photos by Sophie Hur.

    THE MUCKERS (Modern Sky USA, 2018)

    1. It’s Better Without You
    2. This Town Will Drag Us Down
    3. Memories

    Produced by Lucas Carpenter. Guitar & Vocals: Emir Mohseni. Bass: Antony Azrmgin. Drums: John Zimmerman. Guitar: Chris Cawley.

    “Insistent guitars and a melody that begs for an arm out the window on the turnpike, a smokestack spewing in the background.” – Pitchfork

    “It is a wild ride of loose hectic guitar playing, you won’t be able to get enough of it, I promise.” – Jack Saunders (BBC1)

    “Within his songs, you can hear both [Emir Mohsseni’s] years of repression and the joy of his newfound freedom. It’s a call to fans to kick the dust off of their souls and boogie.” – Rolling Stone

    “Technicolour psych-rock that feels both you’ve discovered a hidden gem from decades past and vibrantly, thrillingly fresh.” – NME

    “Rock and roll is a dish best served live. It relies on the body heat and energy exchange between the band onstage and a sweaty audience to create a magic you can only experience, and lose yourself in, when you’re watching it unfold in person. Emir Mohsseni knows that cardinal rule.” – Billboard

    “There’s not even the slightest chance of you reaching for the shuffle button.” – DIY Magazing

    “These modern-day rock heroes are setting new stones in the much-trod cobblestone paths of the city” – LadyGunn

    “Showing off more than a little fretwork fire.” – Brooklyn Vegan

    Management: W&, Wendy Waseige (Email)
    Publicist: W&, Wendy Waseige (Email)
    Booking Agent (EU/UK): Daan De Bruyne (Email)
    Label: Greenway Records, Harry Portnof (Email)
    Sync: Rough Trade Publishing, AJ Tobey (Email)