The Muckers Premiere “That’s All I Want” via Under The Radar

The track steadily builds in intensity with dynamic, breakneck soloing running all over, before finally reaching a wild, bouncing, shredding, fever-pitch by the end.
– Under The Radar

Today, Under The Radar premieres The Muckers new single, “That’s All I Want,” a track written a month into the pandemic, unleashing the four piece’s frustration into a four minute shredder that harkens back to the early 80s thrash metal era that Emir Mohseni grew up treasuring. The track comes ahead of the band’s debut album, Endeavor, slated for release on February 26th via Greenway Records.

“That’s All I Want finds a tense and wiry point between familiar sounds and fresh energy,” Under The Radar praises, “It’s easy to see why losing live shows hurt so much for the band because this is exactly the sort of raving hard rock that would kill in a live setting.”

Standing out against the layers of noises a city like New York holds is no small feat: its blaring cars and screeching trains, its storied streets, blunt locals, and piercing sirens all meld together into a thick backdrop. The Muckers, a four piece as vibrantly fresh as resolutely timeless, are doing just that, and NME already calls them “one of New York’s most exciting new bands.” 

Their debut album, the aptly titled Endeavor, comes on the heels of frontman Emir Mohseni‘s journey – nothing short of an odyssey: first, as an immigrant taking refuge in New York City from his native Iran to have the right to perform rock music, then as a band caught in the global pandemic who’s had to let go of their greatest strength: thriving on any stage – from supporting Pond on the road in 1000-cap rooms to making the crowds dance and sweat in the divey bars of Brooklyn. One of their performances, at Treefort Festival, had caught KEXP‘s Cheryl Waters eye who commended them for “captivating the crowds” on her Music That Matters show.

“There is something altogether fresh in their energy, in Mohseni’s fast-moving guitar licks and his lyrics full of yearning,” Ladygunn lauded in a recent interview where Emir spoke of his influences, from Frank Zappa to The Stranglers

“There are times in your life when you know the map to your destination but you need a force to drive you there,” Mohseni says of his move to the United States, profiled across acclaimed publications, from Rolling Stone to Billboard. Upon landing in this new environment, he met the three guys that would become his closest friends, and build with him the enlivening sound and enrapturing live show that The Muckers have garnered early praises for: Anthony Azarmgin at the bass, Chris Cawley on rhythm guitar, and John Zimmerman behind the drums. 

The band’s ethos can be heard in tracks like “Suspended” or the unrelenting “Roll The Dice” which Mohseni says is about “risking everything you have in life for that one thing that you love the most.” In the face of adversity, The Muckers have never let up their ambition, cutting through the noise with what Rolling Stone praised as “a call to fans to kick the dust off of their souls and boogie.” 

Endeavor, is slated for release on February 26th, 2021 via Greenway Records