Rudy De Anda Unveils New Music Video “Helado” Via LadyGunn

Here’s what critics have been saying about Rudy’s new record:
“The Chicano sound is a spectrum, and Rudy de Anda is one of the artists who best understands it and who knows how to demonstrate it best today. Inside his new album Tender Epoch there is much that proves it: you can find beautiful boleros like ‘Los Canarios’, sweet ballads like ‘Cariño’ or ‘Tres Boletos’ and heartbreaking moments like ‘I’m Still At The Bar’. It is an album of emotions, which resonates loudly in a year of emotions.”
– Joan Escutia, VOGUE MEXICO
“Its dancey rhythm and relentlessly catchy melody, uniquely attests to Rudy’s ability as a songwriter to take a page or two from the old books and incorporate them with fresh and playful elements to create something unexpected, contemporary, and fun.”
– Samantha Singh. LADYGUNN
“Album number two from Long Beach-based Mexican-American Rudy de Anda sees the musician broaden the semi-psychedelic grunge-isms of his 2016 debut into a sweetly soulful and yearningly romantic sound that draws on his Mexican heritage. File close to your Mac DeMarco and El Guincho Records.”
– Thomas Patterson, SHINDIG!
“’Espume’ is one of the standout tracks on the new album. Blending psychedelic Mexican rock with the Latin grooves of Chicano Batman and jangly pop guitar, De Anda sings passionately about taking on life’s uncertainties. The video brings to mind French and Italian cinema of the 60s, with its protagonist whimsically wandering sunny California streets and taking part in activities that aren’t exactly legal. There is a sense of romance in the way De Anda sings, and his vocal exuberance is matched by spunky, soaring musicianship.”
– Neil Ferguson, GLIDE MAGAZINE
“Rudy De Anda’s upcoming debut album — Tender Epoch — is a beautiful, glimmering sea-foam green surface, like the sun lighting up the ocean. It’s inviting and deep, and diving in gives you a rush of something familiar while being in a completely new place.”
– Patti Sanchez, GRIMY GOODS 
“… a fusion of rhythms and colors that make you dance and think about the meaning of everything. If there is a definition of those magical sounds that can only be found in multiculturalism, the music of Rudy De Anda would be an example of this. With influences ranging from rock n ‘roll, bossa nova, funk and Latin music, the Chicano reflects on his new album Tender Epoch on love, life and the passage of time.”
“Somehow De Anda makes your head move back and forth and still crack a smile as he’s singing it. This is a record, which we think will go on to have much success, a story that had to be told through the music of this man.”
“Genre-melding maverick”
“Like Vitamin D, a bottle of wine, an extra $20 and a hug, Rudy De Anda is just something most people need right now. The light of life catches his eye in such a miraculous way, it’s hard not to be drawn to his sparkle.”
“Rudy De Anda dons the vibrant tapestry of music and art sewn by the intersection of Mexican & American cultures of the United States’ west coast.”
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