Breanna Barbara Featured On False Idols Compilation Curated By Tricky

Tricky showcases his curatorial skill and vision for his label in the freshly released compilation Test of Time. The unique and compelling compilation brings together emerging and established artists from across the underground of new music.

The compilation features a cover of Hank Williams Sr.’s “Ramblin’ Man” interpreted by Breanna Barbara who traded the song’s pronouns to make it her own, subverting the meaning of the song by giving the classic a new female perspective. Clash Magazine praised the track, “Musically it’s about as raw and stripped back as you can imagine, Barbara’s powerful vocals accompanied only by acoustic bass and mournful string section.” “It stops the listener in their tracks, shining new light on an old, familiar song.”

The album collection also features a Tricky remix of the Mercury nominated Idles, co-production for Namibian producer Sean K and French crooner Rodolphe Burger, as well as new cuts and original material from the likes of Saul Williams, former Prodigy collaborator Leeroy Thornhill, and new artists such as KLOXII, Suzy Sleepzzz, Chikaya.